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Important Notes

We provide notarizations on All Permitted documents as stipulated by the State of Texas, NO EXCEPTIONS! We abide by the Code of Business Conduct and current laws. 

A Valid - Non-Expired - form of Identification document is required in order to proceed with the notarization act, such as a driver's license, passport, or a government-issued document with a picture, your information, and signature.

We are here to assist you, however, we, unfortunately, cannot inform you what kind of notarization you need. As a friendly reminder, make sure you know what notary certificate you will need! 

Dully Commissioned by

The State of Texas


The State of Texas stipulates the maximum fee for each Notarial Act itself, not including taxes, and travel fee. 


Current Notarial Act fees are here posted for your review.

Yes! We are mobile, and we go to you with full-service notarizations.


Travel and other fees may apply and will vary depending on the service requested, travel distance, after hours, weekends, or holidays, and rush. Please contact us for details. Below is a list of Counties that we provide services and travel to.

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Counties We

Provide Mobile Services & Travel To

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