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Updated April 16, 2020


And put years of professional experience to YOUR SMALL BUSINESS SERVICES.

The Consulting endeavor came organically due to the scarce accredited sources regarding the line of business we propose, designed to attend the SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and its demands, challenges and today's concerns in economy uncertainties, Crude Oil price low, company layoffs bridging to 22 million unemployment filings, business closing doors, and Covid-19 pandemic! 


It is a sad scenario, but not everything is lost! We are going to come out of this stronger than we were before! So, let's do it together... 


SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, we are here to help you find solutions that FITS both your BUDGET & NEEDS. We know more often than not, it is financially unjustifiable to house a specific department or highly knowledgeable professional.



Building Blocks


  • Human Resources Management


Human Resources is a big sustaining block of any business, but in many occasions, you just need an HR professional for that one task, one project, one lead, one phone call,  one question answered ... Perhaps more than once! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 


You can reach out to a professional that can DO JUST THAT! 

Whether you need to hire, terminate, set up payroll software, craft an employee handbook, audit for current laws compliance, implement new policies and procedures, handle drug randoms,  proceed with investigations, provide employee relations mitigations, perhaps design and develop an effective new hire onboarding, job fairs, run marketing in the region, strategy, forecast, or structure management alignment via workshop... WE CAN HELP! 

More Services



OPENING A BUSINESS is a bold Entrepreneur step! Congratulations!


As challenging as it is, rewards is on the way. So let's build it together!


Perhaps you never filed for a DBA before. Or don't quite understand the available business structures and which one is the right one for you. We have done ourselves from ground zero, so we understand what you are going through!


Perhaps you would love to have a website, or update the one you currently have. Invest in reasonable, budget friendly, marketing strategy to attract and funnel clients your way.  Change, adapt, reinvent... Evaluations on what to "KEEP DOING, START DOING, and STOP DOING" is a simple equation to YOUR SUCESS! Let's do it together. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!


Here are few ways we can assist you:

  • New Business Compliance Set up Assistance 

  • Website Design for your already established business

  • Writing Content, or Translate Documents

  • Video or Phone Conference

  • Administrative Affairs


Easy & Simple



We Are Driven by Your Success!


No two business are alike. We get it! So the way each business pays for services should follow the same principle!


There are many ways to meet budget and needs. We have the flexibility to design what works for you. 


Payments can be arranged such as per hour, or per project. Remember, we are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS with no employment strings attached!

Coming Soon!


MEMBERSHIPS currently under development

  • Annually 

  • Quarterly

  • Month to Month Memberships".

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