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We understand that life is unpredictable ...
Let's work this out together!
There's just one thing we would like for you to learn about us...we strive to render consistency within our services to all our Clients, which follows our DNA practices. When you cancel an appointment without any notice, we get caught off guard and all the work done specifically for you, hours of dedication and crafting in preparation to our visit, and driving to your location, was an effort and energy that could be propelled toward a "live" appointment, or  someone in need as we do volunteer work!
This is the reasoning behind this "chapter" APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY which we want to be clear and transparent about, since it affect us, all of our clients, our volunteer work, and all our business commitments! 
To avoid situations like that, we reasonably ask that you 
CANCEL APPOINTMENTS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE APOINTMENT DATE AND TIME. IF DONE SO, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR "NO-SHOW". You can use any form of communication, to let us know that you will not be able to make it, and reeschedule! 
In the event of NO CANCELLATION it is considered a NO-SHOW, therefore we will charge the Full Transit Fee and Taxes, as per pre-mutual agreement. No charge of Notary Act in itself.
In the event of CANCELATION LESS THAN 24 HOURS although you did not comply with our policy, we apreciate that you took the time, therefore we will charge 50% of the Transit Fee and Taxes, as per pre-mutual agreement. No charge of Notary Act in itself.
In the event of 20 MINUTES LATE-SHOW FOR AN APPOINTMENT without prior notice, we will consider this a NO-SHOW therefore treated as above. 
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