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About The Founders

Gigi Smith

Co-Founder & President

Bio: Over 20 years of domestic and international experience in complex global organizations within the Oil & Gas industry. Extensive background in Legal Affairs, Business Ops, and HR Management. 

Juris Doctor, and active accredited BAR licensed OAB-Rio de Janeiro Brazil. 

Eugene Smith

Co-Founder & CFO

Bio:  Born in Pennsylvania to a family of Farmers, learned hard work from a young age. Over 25 years of professional experience in Business Operations, Logistics, and Finance.

Honorably Served the United States of America in the Army Branch.



Our Business

About Dock610

Our Story

The idea to create the business was born from our personal struggles when we moved from Midland, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida.


Hard to find high-quality service standards, and coming from the corporate Oil & Gas industry with years of track records of success, our small start-up business was born in spite of its great challenges, given that it was our very first endeavor solo, albeit extremely rewarding and insightful!

Eugene and I decided to privately fund the business and move forward at the pace we could. What an adventure so far, but we are glad we did! 

Our Foundation

Our story began with sleepless nights into deep thoughts. We had no idea where to start, so we decided to start with the name of the business which we wanted to be as meaningful as the impact we wanted to bring to all the people we would be in contact with.


After lots of thoughts, the name has come. As God is the foundation of our everyday lives, we wanted our business to also be a reflection of our core beliefs... so Dock610 was born!


Dock as a Harbor, and a Safe one.

610 from The Bible Lesson 

- Ephesians 6:10 -  

... Then we thought... We are all set and good to go make Meaning!

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